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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Good Book To Share with you!

As I promised with few buddies mummies, I am proudly to share with you my excitement & happiness on a great item which I bought last week. I found this book @ MPH - X'mas selection item! It cost me RM42.90.
I am really satisfied & happy with this book. The info & knowledge inside are priceless.
Bright Start - Understand & stimulate your child's development from birth to 5yrs
by DR Richard Woolfson
Dr Richard C. Woolfson is a child psychologist, writer & broadcaster. He appears regularly on radio & television & writes on child & family development for many magazines. He has published a number of books on th subject.
Dr Woolfson is a Fellow of the British Psychologist Society.
I would like to share this great book with all mummies. I personally treat this as my "Mummy Handbook" now. The book guide parents in a very professional & friendly learning method/guidelines from baby (0 - 15mths), toddlers (16 - 35mths), Child (3 - 5 yrs old).
Well... I am going to give excuse again... that.. i really no time for reading! No time again ya! Sorry for this 'excuse' ya... I have No Time for reading... & I even can't remember when is my last time doing reading. But, during this whole week, i will flipping this book on & off just try to find out some clues, idea, opinion or suggestions to 'deal' with my bravo Oscar!
It's really help!!
Nevertheless, the content & vocab/words usage are good to read & understand. What I mean is, some books... although we know English well, but still have the feeling that need time to digest or need to click on haha...
But for this book, nope.. just too friendly to use & read through. That's why, I called it as "mummy handbook". You won't found any difficulty to digest the book.
Mummies, if you love reading & wish to get some clues/parenting skill, get a copy of it.
If you no time or busy for reading, get a copy of this 'mummy handbook'.
You will love it, trust me.

BABY EINSTEIN Language Discovery card

Mummy got this set of Baby Einstein Language Discovery cards from MPH @ RM23.90.

* Ages 9 months and up

* Special Features:

1. Large, durable cards, just right for little hands

2. Each cards features "Teaching Tips" that provide examples of things you can say, ask, or do with your child as you use the cards

3. Parent guide explaining multiply uses for discovery cards

4. Blank Card included, perfect for your "personalization" with your child's favourite toys.

5. Foreign language translations into 6 languages

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

See What's Oscar doing!

So long.... & long... did not update Oscar's blog.

So sorry to him & few of 'Bravo Oscar' follower... :)

I miss blogging... miss my blogger buddies mummies very much! I am just too busy recently... (an excuse?) hehe..

I must spend sometime to blog on Oscar's "current issue" on his 17mths+...

Well... I will work out on it tonight.... for you & me, for my precious boy!

** from, mamy angel **

Monday, November 02, 2009

F1rst Teeth BABY Toothpaste

Mummy bought this for me from Guardian - Biotene FIRST TEETH Baby Toothpaste @ RM25.70 (40g). It made with protective milk enzymes, with natural calcium & natural apple-banana flavor. It is fluorite FREE, SAFE to swallow, NO saccharin, NO artificial preservatives thus it HELPS PREVENT baby bottle tooth decay. As shown, this toothpaste is recommended by dentist & pediatricians for all-natural tiny tooth & gum cleanser.

To share some introduction:
Pediatric dentist recommend gentle cleansing for babies teeth & gums to remove sugars, starches & other foods. First Teeth baby toothpaste is the first 100% natural antibacterial enzyme toothpaste that protects baby's mouth like mother's breast milk does.
Mummy knew this toothpaste from mummy Joanne (Sarah's mummy). Thanks anty Joanne!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy with DisNey Princess Pillow Book

Well... let me take a rest... after the 'hard work'... huuuu...

Busy! Busy! I am busy... yeah... real busy k.... !!
mamy angel: busy... body... :p

I am so busy... helping mummy to sort out the Princess Pillow Book huh...

Wonder why mummy said... this Princess Pillow Book is not.. for me? Why ah?

Pillow or book? Mommy said this is a pillow & also a book as well! hmm.... I not really understand... maybe you can... hehe..

Wow! New Stock Arrival.......... fuyoh... mommy will be very busy later & I am pretty sure that she will not be 'entertain' me until she finish work... haijo...

This is the DISNEY Princess Pillowww....!

Huh?! The pillow can... can open.... open the pillow... then it become a Princess Story Book!!

I see this beautiful jie-jie on TV too... ooooh! she is SNOW WHITE......

Ooops! Herecome the pretty & sexy MERMAID jie-jie...

Mommy said this jie-jie is CINDERELLA! Mommy said she is a very hardworking girl...

Huray! Finish reading! This is a very soft & plush pillow book! Thus this is the Big Story Book in my life! Besides, I loves all the jie-jie inside because they are so pretty! How nice if I can sleep with them everynight as my new pillow? But, mommy said: "Can not! Is not for you..." then she keep it.... err.....??